Beyond melancholic angst

April 13, 2009 at 7:50 pm Leave a comment

I recently met up with a Toronto-based photographer, who advised me to start up a blog.


I haven’t owned a proper personal blog since archiving my angsty mid-20s Diaryland and Livejournal accounts. I thought that era was over!

Besides, doesn’t Flickr suffice? I’ve grown attached to it over the years, and it’s a pretty darn good social media tool for the emerging photographer. Instant audience, community, rising stats, small-c celebrity status… even spurts of income.

But as I think about oomphing my photography profile, I am warming up to the idea of a separate blog. If I did all this yammering on Flickr, I’d risk looking like a royal braggadoccio.

Who will read this? A future employer. A secret crush. Someone doing background research on Connie Tsang the sculptor, Connie Tsang the accountant, or Connie Tsang the doctor? (No, no, and… my parents only wish that were true.)

Whoever you are, enjoy.

Returning to computers near you, sans angst.

Connie Tsang
aka ardenstreet


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