Jane’s Walk 2010

May 9, 2010 at 6:02 pm Leave a comment

Patisserie Royale, 1801 Lawrence Avenue East

Despite what seems like a Jane’s Walk tradition of rain, I was pleased to see people up and at ’em, jumping on the walking tour bandwagon last weekend.

I guess I’m most pleased that younger people are starting to surface at these events; in my years as walking tour junkie, I felt like I needed grey hair, a blue rinse, and an art history degree to fit in. Time’s a-changing, though, and everyone’s coming out. Yes! [Let’s pause as I do the walking tour dance.] [Okay, done.]

My personal favourite was the Hidden’licious tour at Lawrence + Warden led by Councillor Michael Thompson, with support from the Ministry of Health. There were about 20 people on the tour, I’d say — much less than I imagined for a tour that offered free food samples, but it was still quite impressive given the inclement weather and the distance from the downtown core. What’s more is it opened my eyes to a new (and very tasty) district of the city, one that I can visit in a mere 45 minutes for the sole purpose of stuffing a 5-star falafel, a Lebanese pastry, palouries, fried jack fruit, mutton rolls, veggie patties, and a steak pie down my throat. And yes, I did all of this as part of the tour.

(Don’t you worry: I walked it all off.)


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